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Wondering what this is?

Underground Movement is bringing some new opportunities once a month to young artists that are fairly new to the teaching scene. Passionate about choreographing & learning what it is to become a master at their craft, we will be introducing new & familiar faces once a month. Eager to create a name for themselves, we would like to give them an opportunity to share their determination in our space.


Nathan Cherry

Nathan Cherry, born and raised in Orlando, Florida, has been dancing for twelve years. He started training at University of Performing Arts Centre under the direction of Melissa Ruiz. After competing for five years, Nathan joined Motiv Crew, Immabeast, and Academy of Villains. Nathan then went on to perform for Jordan Fisher and Paul Mitchel. Recently, Nathan has signed onto Clear Talent Group. He has been teaching for about a year, and has held the scholarship audition for Road to Buildabeast Orlando. Nathan has joined the Funkywunks and performed in Miami and Orlando. Nathan has competed in the battle scene—winning the World of Dance All-style battle, Jamheadz youth competition, and Monsters Dance convention freestyle battle three times.

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